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Briana's Chapter

Our Story Series

Brianna is a bright soul living in Honolulu with her husband and beautiful newborn child. In 2020, the year the global pandemic began, Brianna faced another life hurdle during this tumultuous year as she was diagnosed with Stage I Triple Negative Breast Cancer during the same time. She went through 4AC and 12TC chemotherapy and achieved a pathological complete response, opting for a lumpectomy with radiation.


Due to the hospitals becoming overwhelmed with patients and the possible risks of the COVID-19 virus spreading, Brianna was required to go through many tests and treatments alone, making it very emotionally difficult. However, she believes the hardest part of navigating her cancer journey was the possibility of infertility and early survivorship:

“It was almost harder for me to hear that I may not be able to have children than it was to learn of my cancer diagnosis.”

When Brianna was diagnosed, she chose to freeze her eggs and now lives in a family of three with her child. While having to hear and understand the incredibly difficult news of being diagnosed with cancer at a young age, she stays strong and follows the quote by

Danielle Doby, “You are a match for your mountain.”

Brianna also found that returning to the workforce after treatment proved to be a challenge because it became harder to relate to people who hadn’t been through this major life detour, but therapy and support from friends and family helped her remember to find joy whenever fear crept in.

Brianna’s advice as a cancer survivor is to

“Take everything one minute, one question, one treatment at a time. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed in cancer-land. Remember that everyone’s cancer experience is unique and the way to get through it doesn’t have to be the same as the person next to you.”

Brianna finds that post-cancer life is abundant too, and while it is different, she takes advantage of this detour and lives to the fullest nonetheless.

A vital part of Breast Cancer Hawaii's mission is to foster a supportive community for those impacted by breast cancer. Sharing stories like these helps create a safe space for survivors and lets others know that they are not alone in their journey.


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