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Casting for Recovery Nonprofit Fly Fishing Retreat in Hawaii

Casting for Recovery is offering a fly fishing retreat in Kauai on June 7-9. Deadline to apply is March 28.



  • There will be a fly fishing retreat on June 7-9, 2024 with the nonprofit Casting for Recovery

  • It is free and open to all Hawaii residents whose life has been impacted by breast cancer

  • Participants will be chosen by a lottery system; deadline to apply is March 28


We had a call with Claudia Janiszewski, the Hawaiʻi Program Coordinator for the nonprofit Casting for Recovery! They are having their first ever Casting for Recovery fly fishing retreat in Hawaiʻi. Here are the highlights of our conversation. You can also watch the highlight video here.

What is Casting for Recovery?

Casting for Recovery is a nonprofit organization that brings together women at any stages of breast cancer to provide not only a fly fishing retreat to try to learn something new, but also to have the medical aspects to be able to talk with other women who have been through the same experience and psychosocial support as well.

What is fly fishing?

Fly Fishing has almost a meditative effect with the casting on it. Unlike regular fishing a lot of it is with the movement, which is actually really good they found with women trying to fight lymphedema.

When and where will it be?

We’re offering the retreat June 7-9 in Kauai. We will be staying at the Waimea plantation cottages and then we will also be spending a day going and actually practicing what we’ve learned and doing some fly fishing in the Waita reservoir in Koloa.

What is the cost?

There’s no cost to attend and we encourage everyone to apply. Neighbor island airfare, meals, and housing will be included.

Who can apply?

Any resident of Hawaii with a history of breast cancer regardless of treatment status.

What is the selection process like?

Deadline to apply will be on March 28 and participants will be chosen by a lottery system.

This sounds like a great opportunity for those impacted by breast cancer. We encourage anyone to attend. Here is the link for the registration:


Taylor Imano is a Survivorship Programs Manager at Breast Cancer Hawaii. She is currently a freshman at UH Manoa and has been with Breast Cancer Hawaii for 3 years. She is interested in helping others in the community through the Psychology field.


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