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Why we started Breast Cancer Hawaii

No one is ever prepared for a cancer diagnosis. When diagnosed, there are others that will be affected -- friends, co-workers, loved ones, and family members. You then realize that there are so many questions and choices that need to be discussed -- whether it’s the type of treatment; how to handle the treatments; the food; skin and hair care; what support is out there; and so forth. There are just so many questions -- the whys, the whats, and the hows.

Throughout the journey, you realize that there are many ways of fighting cancer. As breast cancer survivors ourselves, we chose to arm ourselves with knowledge and found resources that would help us in the fight to survive.

Breast Cancer Hawaii started with the idea that anyone affected by breast cancer, whether you are a survivor, family member, or friend, would have a single, convenient place to go to for information relevant to those living in Hawaii. During our treatment, we spent countless number of hours searching for information -- carefully reading through anything that we could get our hands on. Anyone who has been affected by cancer can relate that the disease and treatments can take a toll on our body, energy, and mind. It is no easy task to go through all of the information out there. Yes, there are countless valuable services, information, and support both nationally and locally; but, the catch is, you need to take the time to “look.”

Now that the both of us are out of active treatment, we wanted to give back to our community by helping others affected by breast cancer. We want to provide valuable resources that may be of interest, such as special events, information on local support groups and meetups, webinars, as well as links to useful articles and other websites. We also plan on featuring some of Hawaii’s breast cancer survivors -- sharing their very own story of survival. As you browse through our site, we hope that it can assist you in your breast cancer journey. Because we are constantly looking for ways to better serve Hawaii’s breast cancer community, we would love to hear your feedback.

Staying Strong! Joanne & Jane

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