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New Program: HEARTS for Ohana

We're providing resources and extra support to parents facing a cancer diagnosis and their children.



  • Nearly 10% of breast cancer cases occur in women under 45 years old.

  • There is a lack of local support for this demographic, particularly those with children.

  • Our new HEARTS for Ohana program is specifically geared for young parents facing a cancer diagnosis, their partners, and children.


Our mission at Breast Cancer Hawaii is to connect the local breast cancer community with relevant resources and meaningful support. In our quest to carry out our mission, we’ve found a lack in local resources to specifically support younger breast cancer patients and their children. It can be challenging for the families of breast cancer patients, especially those with children, to navigate the cancer journey.

Nearly 10% of breast cancer cases occur in women under 45 years old.

Our new HEARTS for Ohana program offers Hope, Encouragement, Activities, Resources, Trust, and Support to the families of breast cancer patients. This program was created to help families connect with one another. See more details on each of the program components below:

  • Therapist Directory Listing of local therapists and mental health professionals who have experience working with families and cancer patients.

  • Keiki Care Kits Fun kits that contain activities for children to do individually or with parents.

  • Notes of Hope Ready-made templates for children to write notes to other children to let them know that they are not alone in their situation.

  • Support Events Events throughout the year where families can meet and connect with each other.

  • Summer Retreat A summer get-a-way for families to come together through activities and relaxation.

Any breast cancer patient with dependents 18 years of age and younger can participate any of these programs. Please see our program page for details on signing up.

We welcome any feedback, questions, suggestions on our new program! Please drop us a note at



Taylor Imano is a 1st-year intern at Breast Cancer Hawaii. As a junior at Kalani High School, she is part of the HOSA Academy for Future Health Professionals. She is interested in pursuing a field in child psychology.


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