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Support Apps for Breast Cancer


For Support, Information, and a means of recording your journey all in one place, this App is for you. Belong is arguably the world's most extensive professional and social network for Breast Cancer Patients. Using belong, you will find support groups for every type of cancer, and helps provide survivors and their families a unique and innovative personalized solution to help manage your fight against cancer.

My Breast Cancer Coach

Developed with BreastCancer.Org, the app will fill out a questionnaire and give you a personalized treatment guide and a list of questions to ask your doctor. You can record your journey with an in-app journal and add photos and audio, and keep track of doctor's appointments and support group meetings with the virtual calendar. Complete with a glossary for definitions of popular terms, get all your questions answered with just a few clicks.

Bezzy Breast Cancer

Bezzy is a social network for women with BC. Meet a community of women with shared experiences!


This app allows you to share your journey with family, friends, and other people fighting Breast Cancer. It serves as a social-media-like platform, where you can post your medical details and updates to let loved ones know how you're doing. CaringBridge is a safe, secure place for patients and caregivers to provide updates, and for loved ones to respond with messages of care and compassion.

Breast Advocate

Co-created by leading specialists and patient advocates, Breast Advocate is an app that provides all your surgical options along with evidence-based recommendations that are personalized for you.


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